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OCTAwall pro in use

Our frame system OCTAwall pro is flexible, lightweight, versatile and sustainable - all at the same time. OCTAPUS was demonstrating this with a clean exhibition stand design at this year‘s trade show HO.RE.CA (hotel and catering industry) for the company El Greco. Here, OCTAwall pro was combined with OCTAlumina to specifically highlight individual presentation areas.

Customer feedback:
„For this participation the customer needed a clean but versatile design. A construction that would serve the presentations needs and at the same time be elegant and eye catching. The OCTAwall pro system was perfect for this purpose.

With integrated OCTAlumina frames as the center element, light tone graphics on fabrics, and furniture also made from OCTANORM system components, the ease of combining the system with all the other elements was very impressive. The whole booth is fully reusable with zero waste and with the freedom of adaptation to any different space. As regards the construction, we cannot exaggerate enough the amazing fact that the whole stand weighed less than 800 kgs, occupied less than 16m³ during its transfer and was built in 1.5 days!“

Design: Nikolaos Vranikas
Planning and Realization: Octapus Ltd

Come and discover more features of OCTAwall pro such as flush mounted LED panels and curved frames:

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