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OCTASNAP is the perfect sales tool for exhibition stands and displays. It offers you the possibility to create a 3D presentation with exhibition stands from OCTAWALL or OCTAQUICK, displays, and roll ups simply through drag and drop – no CAD skills necessary. Perfect for your exhibition stand drafts or first calculations: OCTASNAP allows you to place customer logos and graphics and automatically creates a parts list.

The best part: OCTASNAP is completely free. So get started with OCTASNAP today – for professional offers and presentations.



No CAD skills necessary.

OCTASNAP is specifically designed for users with no CAD or 3D skills. Through drag and drop and intuitive assitants, you create typical exhibition booths like inline stands, corner booths etc. simply and quickly. All elements can freely be turned and positioned.

Quick results.

The easy handling and the reduction to essential and useful functions brings quick results. Ideal for offers and first drafts for your customers.

Threedimensional presentation.

If you need a quick picture file, the output in form of a simple rendering is possible. Fo higher quality renderings, the scene can also be calculated with the integrated Indigo renderer.

Graphics and customer logos.

The surfaces can be fitted with graphics and logos. The graphics can be freely transformed and positioned. This way, your customers can get a first spatial impression of their stand.

Integrated OCTANORM systems. 

The following OCTANORM products are integrated in the current version of OCTASNAP 2015: Vario d400 fabric, curved, straight Panel, OCTAWALL, OCTAQUICK, OCTASPRINT, OCTAPOLE, Vario d1, Vario d3. Vario d2 Banner, Vario d5 String und Vario d5 basic, Vario d100, Vario d2 original, Vario d2 portable, Vario d2 organic, Vario d200, OCTAFABRIC, OCTAPANEL and Vario Event.


OCTASNAP can be downloaded and used free of charge.


Although OCTASNAP does not require training, a topic-oriented training  can be offered upon request.
Trainings In-house Training Online Training
Daily rate 1050 € plus travelling costs 1500 €

Recommendation  / Installments

3 days for max. 2 persons 2 × 4 hours

All prices are excl. VAT and shipping cost. Subject to change and error.


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