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Prominent contours. Attractive luminous lines. Exciting color changes. At the touch of a button, 16.8 million color shades unleash their power. From RGB to warm white or cool white, OCTAlux combines the brilliance of the entire color spectrum with the stability of an aluminium extrusion. Each extrusion features up to two illuminated sides as well as 6 the tried and tested OCTANORM system groove. This ensures maximum flexibility and combinability.
OCTAlux - a real plus for 80 mm systems such as OCTAwall pro, OCTAlumina and Maxima. You are looking for a system that is both striking and elegant? You have found it!





*The pendant luminaires shown are not part of the OCTAlux product family.

added value

Ready for new designs.

From illuminated uprights and beams to light strips and outlines of three-dimensional structures all throughout the presentation area: The interplay of illuminated extrusions and corners allows for the creation of individual shapes without interruptions. OCTAlux opens up new design worlds and ways of captivating and directing the visitor's focus.

Attractive. Individual. Colorful.

OCTAlux is equipped with COB (chip-on-board) LEDs that are characterized by high luminosity and can be conveniently adjusted from the outside via remote control. Warm white, cool white or the full RGB spectrum of 16.8 million color shades make the system shine: dimmed or bright, always matching the design and requirements. This guarantees full control - at all times.

OCTAlux – a plus for several OCTANORM systems.

A new feature that upgrades existing systems. The basic extrusion is equipped with the tried and tested 4.3 mm OCTANORM system groove on the non-illuminated sides. This means it can be ideally combined with OCTAwall pro, Maxima and OCTAlumina, but also with OCTAwall 40 and the OCTANORM beam extrusions. A real added value for every designer.

Two illuminated extrusions. More flexibility.

Depending on the application, it can make a huge difference as to whether one side or two sides of the extrusion are illuminated. For a corner, two illuminated sides are required. For a frame that is supposed to only be lit on one side, however, this would be disruptive. Two different basic extrusions are available to provide the necessary freedom for various design concepts.


Technical features

Sturdy aluminium. Translucent plastic.

The aluminium extrusions, which have the LED strips mounted on the inside, are open on one or two sides. This opening is closed with a plastic cover. Thanks to the special surface structure, the light is diffused and the extrusion is evenly illuminated - over several meters, actually.

Illuminated surfaces without interruptions.

In order to create continuous light lines, illuminated corners are a must. For this purpose, the illuminated extrusions are mounted to the system groove using our patented tension lock.

Durable and bright: high quality COB LEDs.

These LEDs are characterized by a higher brightness and a long service life. The individual light points are not visible and ensure an even illumination. COB is short for Chip-on-Board: the LED technology is integrated into the surface and prevents individual LEDs from detaching.

1 illuminated side
2 illuminated sides
System groove
Corner connection
RAL colors available
on request