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Integrated into each of our products

Sustainability through Aluminium
Sustainability is achieved when current developments meet the requirements of today's generation without impairing the possibilities of tomorrow's. At the same time, one has to acknowledge the ecological borders of economy and growth. Not just that natural resources are limited. Increasing the lifespan of products as well as their recyclability is one possible approach towards sustainability.

Our products, made from aluminium, can be used for decades, are flexible and are easily recyclable. In other words: Sustainability is already part of the OCTANORM system. For us, the responsible handling of resources and materials is imperative. However, it is only one aspect: thanks to our OSPI network with its philosophy "Designed Here. Built There", CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly by reducing the need for long transportation of components and structural parts.

The piles of rubbish before and after exhibitions show, that sustainability is not yet a topic for the exhibition business. This is mainly owed to the fact that – especially in
conventional exhibition building – a lot of one way solutions are employed. At the end of the exhibition, these are treated as mixed waste, which is difficult and expensive to
dispose of.

We think: There's no need for that! That's why OCTANORM and OSPI offer several advantages:
  • High quality, sturdy components
  • Reusable - high disposal costs are unnecessary
  • 100% recyclable material without quality losses
  • Designed here - built there: shorter transportation routes to reduce emissions and costs