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All signs on green.

If it seems like you can hear the wind in the willows, even though you are inside, it is highly probable that Rosario Bertoli is responsible. His idea to add greens to rooms was actually born when he was working on acoustics. The acoustics in a conference room had to be improved. Also, it needed a new layout. Bertoli’s idea: a planted wall. It did not just solve the acoustics problem and changed the room’s layout; it also greatly improved the air quality by cleaning it from dust and keeping humidity at a steady level. On top of that, attendees can enjoy the view during meetings. As a basis for his green projects, Bertoli values OCTANORM for its high quality aluminium.

Green office landscapes.
Nothing is better for our psyche than nature. British scientists discovered that people who live closer to parks or other green areas are significantly happier than those who live in a plant-free environment. Green landscapes help us to relax and stimulate our creativity. The natural surfaces function similarly to a filter, freeing us from stress and provide us with fresh air. How nice that this pleasant effect is available in combination with OCTANORM.

Portrait_Bertoli_Rosario-(1).jpg Rosario Bertoli

More and more banks, industrial companies, and retailers go green and choose solutions by Rosario Bertoli and his company Linea Bertoli. For his work, the Italian architect relies on quality components from OCTANORM and Creaplant® vertical plantation.