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The new lightweight champion – more versatile, more comfortable and faster to install than before.
Take a look and check out the various innovations of the system.

As of now, OCTAwall 40 enables the realization of entire rooms. With a universal door for DIN left
and right that opens both to the inside and the outside. And with a possiblity of adding a special
fabric for acoustic insulation to create a pleasant atmosphere. Create an oasis of calm amidst the
hustle and bustle of the fair.

OCTAwall 40 toolless: An intelligent plug connection makes for a quick and easy set-up in no time
– without any tools. The individual components are safely packed in a shoulder bag, making sure
that nothing is forgotten.

All these and many more improvements such as the T-connector for ceiling elements and perpendicular walls or magnet holders for accessories make the „new“ OCTAwall 40 a true allrounder.

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