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Flexibility is at a premium in the hotel industry more than almost anywhere else. That’s because there are extraordinarily big fluctuations in usage. The main peak demand periods are of course during the international trade fairs when people from all around the world are looking for suitable accommodation. During the International Consumer Electronics Unlimited trade fair in Berlin, the Leipzig book fair, or Agritechnica in Hanover, hotels of all categories are literally bursting at the seams. But they’re not the only events which suddenly drive up demand. Up to now many visitors had no alternative but to look for somewhere to sleep miles away because all the local accommodation were booked up.

But this gave one entrepreneur a crazy idea. Hotel owner Andreas Wienecke always provides extra capacity when it is required. His Wienecke XI. designer hotel in Hanover has a conference centre attached to it. As the centre is used less when the major events are on, he uses a 1000 m2 conference hall in which to set up sleeping compartments. This enables him to provide 312 extra units of comfortable overnight accommodation. More beds and sleeping compartments are set up in smaller conference rooms so that in periods of peak demand a total of 500 extra beds are provided. And that doesn’t just happen during the major international trade fairs, it also happens in connection with major sporting events and concerts. When former US President Obama came to visit, Wienecke ensured that 300 police men and women were properly rested before undertaking their responsible duties.

Hotelier Andreas Wienecke

OCTANORM ensures that everyone gets to bed quickly.

When it comes to quality, Mr Wienecke takes no chances, he relies on the leading system manufacturer. For the sleeping compartments and beds he uses the standard components provided by OCTANORM. Not only due to the high quality of the materials, but also because the materials facilitate fast assembly and disassembly. In just 24 hours the OCTANORM parts provide up to 500 new units of overnight accommodation. Dismantling the accommodation takes less than half as long.

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