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Our partner ETTLIN offers smart textiles for illumination applications under the brand name ETTLIN LUX®, which can be used both in customized lighting concepts and in finished products. The individual lighting solutions are developed and implemented together with architects, designers and light planners.

Director and COO of ETTLIN AG
Dr. Oliver Maetschke is a mechanical engineer and he studied textile technology at the famous RWTH Aachen University.
Ettlin has now been researching the materials of the future for 10 years, how did this come about?
For over 180 years now our company has faced a series of constantly changing challenges. It is purely thanks to our adaptability that we have managed to survive in what is after all a relatively difficult market environment. Today we are driving change forward through strategic development processes, and we are moving into pioneering fields. The starting point for the development of our light-sensitive ETTLIN LUX® special fabric was, among other things, the question of how light can continue to be combined with textiles in future.

How important is flexibility for you?
Flexibility is an important quality of our products, especially design and processing flexibility. In principle we „only“ sell the material of course. The designer himself, whether a lighting designer or an interior designer, decides how the material is to be used and which ideas he wants to convey with it. We do our best to help him, e.g. by providing new designs or types of material. And of course, there‘s a high degree of flexibility in our production processes as well. Our machinery is state-of-the-art and designed to ensure the flexibility of our production processes. We do everything that we can to ensure that we can offer our customers a high degree of flexibility and quick response times.

What is remarkable about your Miracle and Decolux products?
To start with, the unique lighting effect of course. Our fabric interacts with LED light. When light is shone through it, each individual dot of light produces optical effects which are propagated throughout the room in the form of curved lines of light. The bodies of light that are formed in this way – in this context we call them light structures – exhibit strong 3D characteristics.

What is the basis of the partnership between ETTLIN and OCTANORM?
We are really delighted that we have managed to persuade OCTANORM to market ETTLIN LUX® on a worldwide basis because we recognise that it is the leading specialist builder of sophisticated trade fair and interior furnishing systems as well as presentation systems. Our fabric with specialist lighting properties is used more and more often in these fields. Using the fabric in conjunction with the OCTANORM aluminium frame means that we can now offer clients around the world a high-quality

Which projects are you currently undertaking which will really wow audiences?
The project with the lighting artist rosalie at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie orchestra was really something very special. Not to mention our collaboration with the BMW Museum in Munich and Amazon in London, which in our view are „standout“ projects. They show the potential of our textiles in combination with illuminated frames. Gladly in collaboration with OCTANORM. Design enthusiasts will also find an eye-catching interior design solution in our latest ready-to-use product, Ambiloom®. This is a design mirror with light, which thanks to backlit ETTLIN LUX® textile adds a whole new feeling of depth with surprising and at the same time discreetly illuminating accents.
Light design effect in the Amazon office in London

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Custom made LED light frame in an architecture office

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