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„Quality is always essential.“

Is system exhibition construction actually as boring as some say?
The boring thing is only ever what the user makes of it! The system offers first and foremost a basis, the static construction, the framework for your room. Which then offers countless possibilities for individual additions. Be it surfaces, graphics, materials, light, or additional spatial elements. Often, when thinking about system exhibition construction, people have this image in their heads of the cheap linear booths, with only a roll-up banner in the back and that’s it. But of course there are immensely creative pop-up solutions using a system as the basis, up to gigantic, perfect room constructions which often keep the skeletal structure invisible.

Which projects are more suitable for system rather than conventional construction? 
Projects which have to be built in different places all over the world with a consistently good quality are predestined for system construction. You design the room structure perfectly once, and it can be constructed anywhere in the same quality.

How good is the sustainability in system construction compared to conventional construction? 
For me, the reusability of the system components is the biggest advantage. Exhibition construction or temporary structures can never be really sustainable. It takes enormous time and effort to create a spatial experience which will only be used for a few hours or days. And if, as it is the case with OCTANORM, the components are available worldwide, needless transportation becomes unnecessary. This way, you can avoid this gigantic traveling circus with worldwide logistics.

What factor does quality play in your planning?
Quality is always essential. For big projects with big budgets anyways, but for smaller projects with small budgets quality has to be used purposefully.  

What are the special qualities of OCTANORM?
OCTANORM has a wide range of products for different applications, and every system is compatible with one another. The worldwide availability via the OSPI network is unique.

What is your favourite product from the OCTANORM range?
OCTAlumina, the delicate frame system with clever, integrated LED lighting. 

How would you rate aluminium as a raw material? 
In the context of OCTANORM sensible, since it is light and sturdy; the high quality of the system components ensures a long reusability, justifying the high expenditure in manufacturing.

What exciting project would you like to realize with OCTANORM?
We've designed the OCTANORM exhibition stand for the EuroShop 2017, an exciting and fun challenge. Creating a new stand for a player who has been a part of the most important retail fair for decades is like creating a new CI. It has an effect that exceeds the exhibition by far. Of course we went for a sustainable concept, creating a reference power for future generations. But I don’t want to tell you too much, just stop by at the EuroShop.

If you had three wishes concerning exhibition construction, what would they be?
More guts, more guts, more guts! I wish for a great deal more creativity and experimentation from architects and exhibition constructers. They finally have to try out new materials and new material combinations. I mean, there are enough possibilities today – I’m thinking of LED technology, for example. If you always go for the already-seen-a-thousand-times option, you’ll disappear from the general perception.

Who would you recommend system exhibition construction to?
If used correctly and in the right combination, system construction can be used anywhere. You don’t just have to use either system or conventional.

What influence does digitalization have on exhibition construction?
At exhibitions, the analogue experience is in the foreground. Real products you can touch and brand rooms you can enter. Otherwise you could scrap the exhibition and use the budget for a perfect website or a virtual room. Decided use of digital information or interaction can be an additional deepening of complex topics.

In a few words, draft an exhibition stand for 2030!
In an increasingly digitalized world, the analogue experience becomes more important and will be a lasting memory. In 2030, carefully drafted rooms with approachable product and brand experiences will be even more important than they are already.

Ms Goldberg, thank you for your time!