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The 18th OCTANORM Service Partner International Meeting took place from 6-10 July 2022. Under the headline „Nice to meet you again“, the worldwide network of exhibition builders came together in Stuttgart after a break due to Corona.

Inspiring speakers provided an open mindset and new food for thoughts on the topics of Metaverse, Immersive Rooms, Creativity and much more. The subsequent Q & A sessions were followed by exciting panel discussions in which participants actively exchanged ideas on topics such as the Green Footprint and Generational Change in the individual companies. Even after the official conference part, the discussions continued in a relaxed atmosphere during the evening program.

Roland Bleinroth, Messe Stuttgart

Fredrik Härén

Dennis Sebastian Kehr,
Atelier Brückner

Markus Schmid, Milla & Partner

Sven Krüger, MAKEbelieve

Sofia Brunold, Buero Uno

Besides sharing different experiences and ideas from all over the world, the OSPI meeting also focuses on strengthening the network: new members are introduced and the course for the future is set. Through many years of cooperation, many friendships were built, which are the basis for a trusting collaboration. To carry this spark further, a „Silent Auction“ was again held to collect donations for SOS Ukraine e.V..

Finally, we would like to thank all participants: You make the OSPI network alive and unique through your contribution! We are looking forward to seeing you all again in Portugal in 2024!

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