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OCTAdesign is a multifaceted plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, made by OCTANORM. Devised for exhibition designers and architects, it offers bespoke functions for the photo-realistic presentation of room situations and exhibition stands. OCTAdesign also sets the benchmark for efficiency and speed in the business. OCTAdesign is independent from any systems. This means you can use it for both OCTANORM components and those of other suppliers to design your exhibition stand. The integration of conventionally built components is easily possible. OCTAdesign puts a clear focus on photo-realistic presentation and intuitive user experiences with easy-to-use assistants. The advantage: a highly efficient workflow, allowing for quick and convincing results, but still with a maximum of creativity and flexibility.



THE NUMBER ONE 3D-Software for designers.


Intuitive user interface.

Interactuve assistens, e.g. project, material, or poster assistents help you step by step with your project and your exhibition construction. This makes OCTADESIGN easy to learn for beginners as well. Hence, you don't just save valuable time later on in your daily work, but even in the learning phase.

Smart modules.

Illuminated walls, system walls, filled or glazed. The powerful and extensive modules allow you to realize almost any of your or your customers' ideas – quickly and flexible – with or without OCTANORM systems.

3D and Virtual Reality.

OCTADESIGN focuses on the photo-realistic depiction of your exhibition stand. Hence, OCTADESIGN offers a multitude of detailed functions for your threedimensional presentation.

Flexible software subscription.

Since 2015, OCTADESIGN is available exclusively in a flexible software subscription. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a 3 or 12 month subscription period. Including software support, all updates and a handy home office option, which allows you to use OCTADESIGN mobile or in your home office as well.

Efficient remote support.

Through a secure remote connection between us and the customer's computer, you can ask for online help at any time. We also offer topical trainings online. Another advatange: the complete, remote installation of OCTACAD.

Tailor-made Trainings.

To ensure an efficient and effective start we recommend and offer start up training courses as well as tailored training courses based on your experience in this type of software. Depending on your experience and requirements, we also offer themed training courses. As a matter of principle, the training courses can be held in-house in your company or as online training.

Prices For subscriptions AND TRAININGS

Subscriptions* OCTADESIGN Autodesk® 3ds Max®
12 months 1725 € 1640 €
1 months 225 € 205 €
Trainings In-house Training Online Training
Daily rate 1050 € plus travelling costs 1500 €

Recommendation  / Installments

3 days for max. 2 persons 2 × 4 hours

Autodesk®, Autocad®, AutoCAD® Architecture and 3ds Max® are registered trademarks of Autodesk Inc., USA.

*) Your subscription will automatically be extended for the same subscription period if not cancelled 1 month prior to its expiration.

All prices are excl. VAT and shipping cost. Subject to change and error.

FLEXIBLE. ALL UPDATES INCL. With Home Office Option.

The new octadesign software subscription.




work with the market leader for 3D software in exhbition construction.



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Walldefinition Part 2

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OCTANORM Layout Studio [OLS] 3 of 3







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