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The basis of your project. With a secure and structurally strong connection of lock and bolt. Flexible beams making full use of the available space. Intuitive planning tools. All this makes OCTAuniversal much more than a simple framework construction: a universal system for exhibition construction, interior design and individual projects. A look forward into the future. For the first time, a modular system provides the possibility of using LED panels. Combined with existing systems from Maxima to OCTAlumina, OCTAuniversal unfolds its full potential. Freestanding with a height of up to 6 Meters. A countless number of options and connections.

You are looking for a system with no limits that is ready for the future? You found it.



Freestanding walls with proof of stability. 6 m tall. 

With base plates mounted to the floor, stability, safety and statics of your construction are verifiable. At the edges, freestanding and up to a construction height of 6 m. 

A secure connection with bolt and keyhole.

The tension lock connection is complemented by additional bolts. This allows for an exact calculation of the individual beams’ load capacity.

100 % compatibility with Maxima.

OCTAuniversal is 100% compatible with Maxima 80 and it can be combined with other OCTANORM systems. A few components from OCTAuniversal and a small investment are adequate, to significantly increase the usage options and functions

Use your space. To the very last centimeter.

Thanks to variable beams, the design of OCTAuniversal goes beyond the standard system grids of 990 and 1,000 mm. This flexibility enables utmost utilization of the available space and perfect adjustment of the stand size.

As flexible as Maxima. As functional as OCTAwall custom.

And as functional as OCTAwall custom. Modular in design like Maxima, OCTAuniversal also allows direct fitting of panels like OCTAwall custom. As it can also be combined with our other OCTANORM systems, it virtually offers infinite possibilities.

LEDs bring your vision to life.

Technology continues to evolve. OCTAuniversal brings state-of-the-art media technology into system construction and provides the corresponding framework. Bright moving images that light up your message are a highlight in any advertising space.


Free standing walls are the trend. Our free-standing walls with a height of 6 meters stand directly at the edge. The structural integrity, which must be checked by a structural engineer for heights of 4 meters or higher and therefore causes high costs, is already included in the system. 

A complete new way of connection.

The new patented keyhole-bolt connection represents a statically proven connection.
Based on the tension lock and the half rotation,
the connection between support and frame connector is as quickly established as before, however it is significantly safer due to the 4 bolts and it is statically proven.

The universality of OCTAuniversal

Installable as a modular room and wall system with flexible beams suited to any individual floor plan and set of requirements. It is buildable both in the grid (990/1000 mm) or outside of the grid and its modular concept allows for alteration or extension.




Only a few components are required to create a new system. This principle is as simple as it is elaborated. In addition to the usual system groove and tension lock, uprights are provided with keyholes on 2 or 4 sides. Placed every 500 mm, they guarantee maximum flexibility. Security is doubled by 4 integrated bolts on the beams that are inserted into the keyholes during assembly. This combination results in a verified, structurally strong connection. Proofs of stability have already been mandatory at many fairs for quite some time and keep gaining importance – OCTAuniversal provides one from the beginning.




Outside Corners – completely covered.

As the corner upright provides mounting possibilities on all 4 sides, ordinary wall panels, OCTAlumina frames and LED panels can also be installed on the outside of the wall. The upright corner will then be completely enclosed by the covering material.

Inside Corners: 2 Versions for your project.

Corners are created with the help of our corner upright. You can choose between two inside corner solutions to ensure a flush mounting of different materials: two additional uprights for heavy loads or 160 mm long supporting beams for panels.



Freestanding walls with proof of stability

12 Kits up to 6 Meters height, 1 meter wide.

Aluminium | 1 freestanding frame with a total depth of 260 mm: comprising 2 individual frames with 80 mm extrusion depth each, connected with a 100 mm beam

  4000 mm height 5000 mm height 6000 mm height
1080 mm width

U WH14.09
with 4 baseplates

U WH15.09
with 4 baseplates

U WH16.09
with 4 baseplates
2080 mm width U WH24.09
with 4 baseplates
U WH25.09
with 4 baseplates
U WH26.09
with 4 baseplates
4080 mm width U WH44.09
with 6 baseplates
U WH45.09
with 6 baseplates
U WH46.09
with 6 baseplates
6080 mm width U WH64.09
with 8 baseplates
U WH56.09
with 8 baseplates
U WH66.09
with 8 baseplates