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OCTANORM exhibit at ExhibitorLIVE  and GlobalShop

The bulk of the exhibit was produced using our OCTAwall Hybrid System which allows for the creation of 60mm walls using either fabric or hard panel. A wonderfully modular and inexpensive means of creating custom walls.

New this year was OCTAuniversal which allows for the construction of free standing walls up to 20 feet tall and 20 feet wide.  These walls are pre-engineered and do not require any overhead support. Combined with a “Universal” method of attaching substrates, OCTAuniversal can be clad with fabric, custom panels, back lit fabric frames, or modular LED panels for large video walls.
Also new this year was our OCTAmesh fabric which was a big hit and caught the attention of everyone passing by.  A unique mesh fabric that distorts light into a 3D effect creating a series of arcs based on the pre-determined pattern of the LED lights. A truly unique product when combined with unlimited imagination.
The ability to create back lit cubes was introduced last year, and was followed up this year with a structural system for creating back lit rooms. Large seamless rooms complete with a new electronic keyless door is the basis behind OCTAlumina Plus. A brilliant medium that commands attention.
With so many products on the market to choose from, OCTANORM® promises to continue to innovate, bringing you technology based design programs that revolutionize the exhibition and retail industry.