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OCTANORM exhibited at ExhibitorLIVE

OCTANORM North America, Inc. exhibited at ExhibitorLIVE February 25-27, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.  This year we were excited to feature our Max Plus extrusion. Max Plus is available in 6-meter lengths and is ideal for long horizontal spans and tall applications. Max Plus is proportionally scaled for larger displays and offers a very clean appearance with no system groove. The large surface area makes it ideal for a variety of decorative finishes as seen at ExhibitorLIVE
Inside our Max Plus structure was our OCTAwall Hybrid System which allows for the creation of 60mm walls using either fabric or hard panel. Complete with curves and doors, it’s a wonderfully modular and inexpensive means of creating custom walls.
Our OCTAlumina lightboxes are always a show stopper.  OCTAlumina allows you to create custom sizes that can sit on counters or as seen in our booth can even be part of the counter itself.  They can hang from above, be mounted to a wall, or in large formats that are freestanding with either single or double-sided fabric graphics.  Our system groove technology is available on the interior for both connections and structural stability while the outside face is clean and simple.  Available in 40mm, 80mm, and 120mm depth you can be certain that OCTAlumina will enhance your client’s images to their maximum potential.  
To learn more about the products shown at ExhibitorLIVE please contact us at info@octanormna.com.