OCTAlumina plus

Illuminated walls become three-dimensional
More freedom. Less profile edges. OCTAlumina plus. Additional effects and designs make OCTAlumina plus something special: different layers of fabric and materials create a three-dimensional impression that changes with the viewing angle. Thanks to its three-dimensional design, OCTAlumina plus enables the realization of innovative illuminated room designs with a modern look in proven OCTANORM quality.


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Freestanding walls with proof of stability

The basis of your project. With a secure and structurally strong connection of lock and bolt. Flexible beams making full use of the available space. Intuitive planning tools. All this makes OCTAuniversal much more than a simple framework construction: a universal system for exhibition construction, interior design and individual projects. A look forward into the future. For the first time, a modular system provides the possibility of using LED panels. Combined with existing systems from Maxima to OCTAlumina, CTAuniversal unfolds its full potential. Freestanding with a height of up to 6 m.

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OCTAelevate floor, OCTAeco floor

Three floor systems for all projects

It’s the product you don’t see but so many need. It’s the silent hero that makes all above it function and work. Working load limits of up to 20,000 kg per square meter. Water and weatherproof. Quick and easy to install. All this makes OCTAfloor more than just double floors. They are suitable for every project of any size. Indoors and outdoors. Individually adjustable to special shapes or uneven floors. With illuminated edges and edge guards. You are looking for a system that’s not only down to earth and reliable, but also sustainable? We give you a choice of three.

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New possibilities for your stand design with OCTArig

OCTArig cannot only be hung from the ceiling but now also rests on uprights thanks to our new nodal connector. Adequate bracing ensures additional stability. Standing tall, the system opens up new possibilities for your stand design.

OCTAuniversal with LEDs

Moving images light up your messages
 Technology continues to evolve. OCTAuniversal brings state-of-the-art media technology into system construction and provides the corresponding framework. Bright moving images that light up your message are a highlight in any advertising space.
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OCTAuniversal with Viennese netting

The carrier for your creativity

Modular in design like Maxima, OCTAuniversal also allows direct fitting of panels like OCTAwall custom. As it can also be combined with our other OCTANORM systems, it virtually offers infinite possibilities even for the covering of the system.

OCTAdesign is now vr-ready

See your stand design in Virtual Reality
With the new VR feature, OCTAdesign 2018 gives you for the first time the opportunity to experience your booth designs, rooms and OCTANORM constructions with a VR headset from Oculus Rift. And this in an entire new way - spatially, in virtual reality. In addition to this attractive and innovative presentation in front of your customers, the VR feature is also practical and saves you valuable time. Proportions and dimensions can be experienced early in the planning phase, making it easy to remove deficiencies and implement changes.
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OCTAmesh miracle, OCTAmesh lux

Sensational light structures with three-dimensional appeal

Light structures. Formed by individually arranged LEDs and a special backlit fabric. Single light points are effectively bent, then become invisible and create artful structures. Light arcs produce a three-dimensional effect that makes any room appear larger. Small rooms can be visually enlarged using the depth effect. OCTAmesh creates a spacious area of well-being.