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OCTACAD is a powerful plugin for Autodesk AutoCAD® Architecture and is designed
specifically for construction in the exhibition business. Programmed expressly
for exhibition architects and constructors, it contains a multitude of time-saving functions. For example the intelligent construction function for walls, floors, and cladding, the simple customer and exhibition management, and the automated generation of parts lists directly from the drawings.



30 years the number 1.

OCTACAD is the irreplacable tool for exhibition architects and constructors. The software helps with planning, constructing, optimizing, and managing your exhibition project.

Integrated task management.

Each step of the planning process is documented and directly transfered into the implemented invoicing tool. This allows OCTACAD to created offers, order confirmations, and admonitions independelty and helps with your task management and communication with customers.

Parts lists at the push of a button.

Exact numbers and complete parts lists are a fundamental part of any project. OCTACAD can generate them automatically at the push of a button.

Flexible software subscription.

Since 2015, OCTACAD is available exclusively in a flexible software subscription. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a 3 or 12 month subscription period. Including software support, all updates and a handy home office option, which allows you to use OCTACAD mobile or in your home office as well.

Efficient remote support.

Through a secure remote connection between us and the customer CAD computer, you can ask for online help at any time. We also offer topical trainings online. Another advatange: the complete, remote installation of OCTACAD.

Tailor-made trainings.

To ensure an efficient and effective start we recommend and offer start up training courses as well as tailored training courses based on your experience in this type of software. Depending on your experience and requirements, we also offer themed training courses. As a matter of principle, the training courses can be held in-house in your company or as online training.

Prices and subscriptions

Subscriptions* OCTACAD Autodesk® AutoCAD® Architecture
12 months 2290 € 1935 €
Trainings In-house Training Online Training
Daily rate 1050 € plus travelling costs 1500 €

Recommendation  / Installments

3 days for max. 2 persons 2 × 4 hours

Autodesk®, Autocad®, AutoCAD® Architecture and 3ds Max® are registered trademarks of Autodesk Inc., USA.

*) Your subscription will automatically be extended for the same subscription period if not cancelled 1 month prior to its expiration. 

All prices are excl. VAT and shipping cost. Subject to change and error.

Proven for 30 years. EFFIcIENT. comfortable.

The professional 3d software for draftsmen.

Overview of functions and details



The startpage

Project manager

The grid button

How to create walls

How to create doors

Fascia function and polyline

Fascia function and change options

Panels and inlays


Complete project, part 1

Complete project, part 2

Create your own profile

Parametric function, part 1

Parametric function, part 2

Fascia function: OCTAWALL CUSTOM