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Act fast and help actively!

In recent days, events have been coming thick and fast and the impact of Covid-19 is getting more and more noticeable. In order to stop or slow the further spread of the virus, we all need to take action – both in public and in our private lives. To push things forward and make measures as easy as possible to implement, we have listed below some helpful products. Let’s get active!


In everyday life, you quickly forget how easy it is to protect yourself and others by maintaining simple hygienic standards. Little reminders can work wonders here. Take action and make people around you aware of this with our simple step-by-step instructions! We offer frames with and without illumination – suitable for every location.
  • aluminium frames (light and durable)
  • available with or without illumination
  • quick and easy assembly
  • or various locations: authorities, public institutions, companies, pharmacies, shops...
  • hand hygiene – easily explained


Not everything can be handled completely without contact. In some areas or situations, personal encounters are unavoidable. In such cases, a sneeze guard helps protect your staff, customers and visitors. Protection on both sides – ideal for all locations.
  • resistant aluminium extrusions
  • easy to clean acrylic glass
  • quick and easy assembly
  • protects your staff / customers / visitors
  • for various locations: authorities, public institutions, companies, pharmacies, shops ....


To compensate for the increasing lack of treatment rooms, our Partition Wall System can be used to build rooms, emergency hospitals or even “corona clinics”, which is currently already done in Chemnitz/Germany. Medical examinations in separate cabins will thus be possible in next to no time.

Thanks to the quick and easy installation and/or conversion and the wide range of accessories, our Partition Wall System is immediately ready for use and can be perfectly adapted to the individual field of application.

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Where standard partition walls are not enough and a cleanroom atmosphere is needed instead, our Cleanroom Kits are the perfect solution. By means of our optional Filter Fan Units (FFU) the air from inside the cabin is pressed outwards, providing a dust-free treatment room. The components used are made of aluminium and acrylic glass and are particularly easy to clean.

Our kits are available in different sizes and can be set up by yourself.

In addition, we also offer full service from individual advice and delivery to installation (if required).

Your personal contact person will take care of all aspects of your project and will be available to answer your questions from start to finish.