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The OSPI Network

The world's largest exhibition builders network


OSPI stands for OCTANORM SERVICE PARTNER INTERNATIONAL and for the largest exhibition builders network worldwide. Over 141 exhibition builders in over 40 countries guarantee the highest quality of service at all trade fairs.

The experience of our OSPI members enables them to optimize your exhibition stand project to meet all business requirements and still leave enough room for creative solutions.

It’s the perfect partnership founded on trust and on the reassuring feeling of being able to rely on your partners at any time and in any place. This is precisely the philosophy of OCTANORM Service Partner International: cooperation based on trust in the area of exhibition stand construction no matter where in the world.

This means you can plan at home, drawing on the best-possible advice, and can rely on your plans being implemented precisely the way you envisioned them – at any exhibition venue in the world.Knowledge exchange, country-specific know-how, and perfect comprehension in spite of the diversity of languages – these are all advantages of the OSPI international professional network.

Partners located on five continents and with a thorough understanding of their specific country work hand in hand to come up with the best exhibition stand solution for you – a solution that’s perfectly organised, implemented on the basis of the same quality standards everywhere and 100% reliable thanks to modular parts warehousing and local services.

The OSPI philosophy

OSPI has an official website

Learn everything about OSPI

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Your OSPI benefits

OSPI – your partners on five continents:

  • Professionally solve your logistics problems around the world.
  • Are familiar with the specifics of each country.
  • Achieve the same high quality standards all over the world by using OCTANORM products and systems.
  • Support each other and can react internationally without delay.
  • Make systematic use of the same planning software with an online connection to all the partners.
  • Are specialists and experts with comprehensive knowledge of the technical regulations.
  • All have the same goal: making your exhibition a success!

The OSPI workflow

Perfect cooperation, from the first moment of planning right up to the handing over of the finished stand at the exhibition venue. OSPI is an experienced team of professionals who invest all of their expertise and international know-how in the success of your exhibition project.

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