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Mind the GAP

An international success story.
The Californian fashion brand GAP took the world by storm. The biggest American clothing retailer has more than 3700 stores worldwide, many on the high streets of the world. One of these high streets is the Ginza in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. The biggest address for young fashionistas in the Asian metropolis is the Harajuku district which, full of fashion stores, even inspired its own fashion style, the Harajuku-Kei. 

Shopping in the land of the rising sun.
For consumers, Japan is the shopping paradise on earth. Both the offers and service are unrivalled. Even on weekends, the shops are open till 9 pm. As soon as it turns dark, the shopping streets turn into glistening seas of light – in comparison, European high streets seem almost completely dark. To be seen in Japan, you need impressive and big ideas.

We delivered a shining framework for the two GAP shops on the Ginza and in Harajuku. Since the fashion lines are constantly changing, it is important for the fashion industry to have a system solution that is easily adaptable to new trends. Also, monthly changing ad campaigns pose a challenge. The Japanese Market poses even more challenges, for which OCTANORM offer the right solutions. Per square metre, shop owners on the Ginza pay 6000 € on average. It is obvious that this space has to be used as efficient as possible.

Tokio shines.
The basis for OCTAlumina’s solution for the GAP stores are frames with 4000 × 2480 mm and 2000 × 2480 mm respectively, fitted with silicon edge graphics in brilliant colors. The customers are captivated with light boxes which are suspended from the ceiling; a low weight was therefore essential. GAP were especially impressed by the light power of our LED modules: they offer exactly the radiant light necessary to catch the customer’s attention in Japan. And since the lights are always on, they appreciate the fact that they do their job consistently 365 days a year.